1995 RMX 250R Re-Import bike!


Here is my latest fun machine

I have again got a Motard 2-smoke, and I just love it!


I have had a few problems, the stock PJ semi-flatslide carb really sucked, so I put a PWK 38 on it, much better. I had another PWK 38 carb milled out to 39 mm and a divider plate installed by RB Design in the US, I have yet to fit it as I'm waiting for the FMF pipe and the V-Force reeds to come for the bike. I think it would be a waste of time to go through the carb tuning twice.

I have a set of off-road wheels for this bike as well. The front brake rotor on the RMX is an oversized EBC unit, and once I re-built the brakes the bike stop on a dime, and gives ya nine cents change!

It just ROCKS! 

Here are some pics of a ride we did to Yamanashi Sportsland, a track kind of close by.

jav1.jpg (79314 bytes)
Johnny "Jav" Gavin on his RMX, stock wheels and dual purpose tires (D604's), look at him fly!
jav2.jpg (96295 bytes)
Foot out, go Johnny GO!
jav3.jpg (57739 bytes)
Same corner different lap, different bike, that is my RMX with the 17" wheels
jav4.jpg (79251 bytes)

Here Jav is on my RMX again

jav5.jpg (57153 bytes)
Closer look at my RMX with Jav at the controls
Stu_04_2002.jpg (38783 bytes)
Here is a pic of me on my RMX.
Stu3_04_2002.jpg (40498 bytes)
Me at the hairpin, I could not decide foot out on knee down...
Stu2_04_2002.jpg (39130 bytes)
Me setting up for another corner
stu_rmx_no_chicken_tracks.jpg (63464 bytes)
Got to love them GPR 70 tires
neils_sport_touring_tire_gumballs.jpg (89046 bytes)
the rear tire of Neil's SV 400, that was a sport touring tire
neils_air_shifter.jpg (95658 bytes)
Neil kept knocking things off the bike, here his shift lever is gone!
neils_air_everything.jpg (84288 bytes)
Scuffed can, footpeg feeler gone and so is the rear break lever
something_missing.jpg (63260 bytes)
On the way home my chain decided to part company with my bike

Yamanashi track, only 1.3 Km, but so much fun!
special_forces_dude_less_guns.jpg (50597 bytes)
Jim (special forces dude with less guns) and Neil in the "stitch" check out the damage. In the background you can see the tunnel where I lost the chain. Here we are about to get ready to tow the bike, what fun!


More Pics!

left2.jpg (155753 bytes)
A bit tarted up
right2.jpg (158062 bytes)
Right side view