Touring VTR   

I know, I know it sounds like an Oxymoron, but really, I'm setting up my VTR for touring.

I just love the thump, thump of that big V-twin, but touring? For starters I put the carbs, air box back to stock, this improved my gas mileage from about 11 Km/liter to 18 to 20 km/liter, or, my tank range went from max 176 Km to max 320 Km ( the high number of 20 Km/liter was done on the expressway at about 110 Km/h and 120 Km/h just popping along).

Next I put the Super bike bars on to give me a better seating position, and a much taller Givi touring screen. I added an HID main light, and two small Piaa driving light to fill in for easier mountain riding at night. Then I got a throttle rocker to lessen the strain on my wrist holding those big carbs open for droning on the expressway. My case guards are there to keep things in good shape if I drop the bike. I put a Givi top box on, and I have a sheepskin seat cover, that really, REALLY stops monkey butt! I also got a set of the RKA 33 liter soft saddle bags, so with the 45 Liter top box and my smallish 10 liter tank bag, I have 121 liters of storage on the bike, more than enough for weekend touring. I also took off my lovely Moriwaki High-mounts and put the stock exhaust back on the is SO quiet now!!

Loaded up, and I still have space for more stuff!

That is the RKA pannier expanded. It looks like it is sagging, but it is rock solid.

I think my seat needs a haircut!!

Small PIAA driving lights

The bracket is just a flat piece of aluminum cut so it fits in the snorkel, then I put a hole in the snorkel and one bolt through both the bracket and the snorkel, the snorkel side has a washer back in it up.

I'm not 100% happy with it, but this is a work in progress.

I also made a new anchor, this is bolted to the floor, and with the lock in there you cannot take the bolts out, but if I wanted to move it, I could take the lock out and then the bolts.

Out of sight, out of mind!!