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I went down to Kenso, as they are fairly close to my house (about 40 Km away) on Sunday morning. 
My friend Keith came along and he Dynoed his CBR900R as well.

I did four runs and these are the results.


For the first three runs, the guy did not input the jet data, so I penned the data in by hand.

MJ = Main Jet  SJ = Slow Jet   4FTT= Clip Positions, IE: 4th From The Top

OK this run SUCKED I changed to bigger mains







We tried a bunch of things, and I decided to give this up. In conversations with the Dyno operator, he really seemed to think that without the Stage One cams, and pistons, and the head job, that this set-up is just not going to work. In the end, He showed me two or three other Dyno runs from customers with the same bike and with the same pipe, they went up one or two sizes on the mains, and maybe one size on the slow jets. These dynoed at between 105 Hp and 108 Hp. The power curves were nice and smooth too. I'm going back to stock, because I sure cannot afford the Stage one Moriwaki set up, but I cannot...

Thanks for looking!

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