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Processing Blanks for Woodturning

.......or how to make long round things into short round things

OK, first I get out my Mighty Makita 12" electric chainsaw, don't laugh, this little saw cuts well,
with a sharp chain,  it just rips through them logs
Nice to run in the Dungeon too, quiet and no 2-smoke emissions to breath in!!
So, I cut off a chunk of wood, I make it just slightly longer than the log is thick.

Now here is the end of the log, boy, a lot of cracks.......
 This was a LARGE limb on a very large tree, so I did expect some cracks, but this one is the worst so far.....

Here I've highlighted the cracks with a marker. OK, now what do I do?
 I cannot just cut the pith out of it, I'd have huge cracks on the middle of my bowls......

Here is the plan, three cuts, I'll get one fairly flat bowl,
and two chunks that can be used for weed pots or even HFs.

OK, there is the first cut done.
As you can see, the piece must be cut off nice and flat with the chainsaw,
 and the two ends must be fairly parallel.

Getting ready for the 2nd cut....

Second cut done, the middle piece, the Pith, will be cut up later for pen blanks.

There you go, all cut up.

BTW, even Big Blue suffers from having to cut up this HARD wet wood,
 the teeth get gummed up, and the cuts slow down.

Fortunately, with just a small round stiff nylon brush, the stuff comes right off, why?
Well, that Pam that I spray on, makes the gummy stuff come off easy.

OK this is the output form an hour or so of work......

The pieces on top will be used for pen blanks.........

This one has some really nicely figured grain, should make some nice pens!

Well there you have it, the way that I process the long round things (sometimes called "logs")
 into these shorter round things (sometimes called blanks).

I'm not saying this is the right way, or the only way, just it is my way!