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Give me a Brake!!

OK I needed (wanted?) to build a sheet metal brake, 
the one that Tony put up looked easy enough, and with a few of my own mods, 
it was about 3 hours work.
There you go, a total of about $20 of steel and some welding.... It will just fit 36".
 I added the top brace to the clamp; I can adjust it to apply more pressure if needed.

Here it is in the "Up" position


Just stick a piece of sheet metal in there, tighten the clamps.....
Bend it up..............
Bring the handles back down, and all you have to do is loosen the clamps, and you are done!
The handles just slip out............  
Take it out of the vice not he bench, and put it away for next time.... 

Here is the finished product.

The clamp part has a slight radius on it, so I get the same radius on the bend.
I think I could grind the clamp part to get a nice sharp edge, 
but I don't know which would be better for the airflow on the cyclone.

Well, what do you think? 


I use a charcoal filter when welding, the smells coming off the steel sometimes is unreal (especially the Galvanized stuff!)
These are two pre-filters, the one on the right has been used for about 3 hours
 while building the sheet metal brake, the one on the left is new.