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On to the 11th Page....

I found some wood to give Big Blue a work-out...

On the way home from a delivery I noticed a bunch of wood sitting on the side of the road, it looked like some one had cut down a tree, or removed a large limb, and then dumped hoping the trash collectors would take it, they didn't! It had been sitting there a while, as it was all cracked on the ends. It was quite the haul, loaded down the scooter a lot.....

So that is the pile of wood. I wanted to slice it up and sticker it, so I could use it some time in the near future, I have no idea what kind of wood it is.

Pics of the leaves that I could find still attached to the wood.

First Cut!

Second cut...

An front-end view

I used the smallest piece first to get the hang of things

Right down the middle


More cutting...

This one had a burl that was full of bugs!

Getting ready to cut

The one long piece I was able to cut into a 4x4 size...

I then sliced it into slabs, OK they are kinda small to be slabs...

Sure makes a lot of sawdust, I don't have the DC hooked up yet...

OK, to me there is just something so "right" about how this looks....

So now I got to let it dry, I wonder what wood it is..?

Click below to watch a video of Big Blue slicing through a fairly thick piece of wood...

Big Blue Video <- High Res 3.5Mb

Big Blue Video <- Low Res 352Kb