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Now that the Summer Renovation is mostly done, it is on to other things.

I've got to build the casework for the Summer Renovation, and we are doing a partial renovation at the liquor shop in the beginning of next year. I'll be making all the case work for this as well, so I need some new tools, a bandsaw, a jointer/planner and I need a Dust Collector (DC) to handle all the mess these new tools will make. Oh yeah, I also need to make my router table.

I won an auction here in Japan for a used DC, I paid a bit more than I wanted to, but there were some other guys who wanted it too. I set my top price, $450 bucks as that is what I'll make from selling so bike parts and doing some work on a buddies bike. I ended up getting the DC for $380, not bad. I think this is the 4th or 5th DC I've seen on auction in the last 3 years or so of looking, they are not very common here in Japan.

Pics from the auction

200V 2.2 Kw, should be good for at least 2 Hp, maybe even higher.

I have to figure out where to put it, I think I will put it near the bottom of the stairs to ease removal of the sawdust when it gets full, plus this is one of the only areas were there is nothing on the ceiling in the way!

Here is a very rough idea of where it will go...

The gray line represents the ductwork
I would like to put the blower unit near the ceiling if I can....

This would eliminate two 90 degree elbows which I understand rob a lot of air flow

This is a very crude pic of the duct routing.....

You can see where the duct will go to the far wall on the other side of the beam, then it will cross under the beam, turn left and to down under the wood rack, There will only be one 90 degree corner in the whole main duct. after that it will be just drop hoses to each machine.

 Here would be an idea of flipping just the blower...

Just ideas now.

October 9th 2004

 OK, so the DC finally arrived, and it is a lot bigger than it looked in the pics, well to me anyway...

That is me and my daughter Mizuki, (#1 daughter Erika is taking the pic)
I'm 6' tall, so this thing is bloody big!
Not just the height, but also the width etc. it is a big unit, 
the blower assembly looks like it might be great for making a cyclone.
 I'm hoping to have a better look at it on Sunday.

Well the Typhoon came and went, with lots of rain, and wind,
 but we were spared any dramatics, thank God!
The liquor shop was really slow, and the MILFH was being here usual
 Saturday night complaining session, so I made a hasty retreat.
I decided to put the DC into the Dungeon, could not wait!!

All told it took less than an hour, that includes moving the two vans,
 the trailer and putting the DC downstairs, then putting everything
 back together, and re-parking the vans and trailer. 
Not bad time for a guy who just got over food poisoning.

The hatch is off, the DC is roped up and the hoist is in place

Here is the landing spot, when I go back upstairs I pull the stairs up with me.

Looking up the hatch

It needed a bit of a nudge to get it off the edge, I had too much slack in the ropes

On the way down!!

The DC has landed....


Hey it's "My Collector" really....

Bags removed laying on it's side, here is a look at the bag ring with a cone shaped thing in it.
This is the underside you are looking at.

There is nothing in the blower to bag ring connection except for the slight curve at the top.

There is the motor plate, so is 2.2 Kw 3 Hp with 3 phase as it is with single phase?

Don't laugh, this is my electrical panel, all legal in Japn.

This is my main breaker

I forgot to take pics of the impeller, but it looks like this...

Which is supposed to be the second best there is.

The motor spins very nicely, and while there is a little rust on some things it all looks just fine.


The above chart was copied from Bill Pentz's wonderful Cyclone Dust Collector Research page

I've gotten motivated to do some work around the workshop, I have a good bunch of chisels but they were all in need of some TLC. Some I bought and abused, some I got from friends, who had abused them. All were serviceable and just needed some time on a wet stone.

Here is my set-up for sharpening, it is evolving as I go.

I built this tool rest for the bench grinder I have, it works well

Another view

Can't go wrong with a "New Strong" grinder can we!!

My collection of chisels on the split leather tool wrap I keep them in.

There they are from the front

and from the back, the chisel that is 3rd from the right need the back hollowed out again

Sharp enough I think, but who knows?