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The Wood Lot!!

Just down the street from us, there is a large family house and grounds.
The family that owns it, is tearing it down, and building a new apartment building.
The demolition company is in the process of tearing every thing down, 
my lovely wife asked the guys if I could have some of the wood from the trees they are cutting down.
They were happy to say "Yes!" as the wood is just cut down and then sent to the chipper, 
and then burnt up, what a waste!! If the trees cannot be saved, at least the wood can be put to some good use.

Look at that pic, my house is not far from this, and how much green space do you see?
Nothing, and they are going to cut down almost all the trees on this large chunk of land!!

This is the first load, the large logs are about 14" in diameter, they are Japanese Cedar.
These logs are from the old house, they are main support beam, the house was built over 80 years ago.
They are DRY, and HARD and will make some nice boxes etc.

Using the electric hoist to get the wood downstairs.


There were also two wet pieces, one looks like a Japanese Evergreen Oak






The second load......small stuff.



OK, on to the rest of the trees still standing

About 2' thick, if not more, must be VERY old, this one is being saved!!

A close up of the bark

The next Big one, this one is also being saved!

A close up of the leaves and bark

We think it is Oak, there is a piece of corrugated metal roofing in the tree, still, there is lots of wood in that tree


Bark of the big oak with the metal in it

Leaves on the Big Oak with the roofing in it
We think this is a tree known as "Japanese Evergreen Oak" or Quercus acuta (which could be translated to be Sharpened Oak).

Here is a whole row of these trees

A close up of the Bark

and the Leaves

These nuts are everywhere around these trees

A second row of trees
Here is a big one!!

This big one is going, this might be Keiyaki (Zelkova?)

Maybe Keiyaki Close up

There is this huge pine tree as well (Matsu?)

The bark of the big Pine (Matsu?)

A nice Maple that they are NOT cutting

As you can see, there is a lot of wood here for the taking!

 Slicing up some logs in the Dungeon

OK, I got down into the Dungeon and got some of these logs sliced up, but some of them were too big to fit through Big Blue, so I had to take a slab or two off of them.


To do this well, I needed to make a chainsaw mill of sorts.

Some pieces of Ash and some screws

I had to drill 4 holes in the chain bar.

The spacer I put in there determine the thickness of the off cut

Here I put a guide board on the log, it is screwed down in two places

The chainsaw mill runs on the guide board

You can see the guide board and the spacer will set the thickness of the off cut.
I ended up actually removing on spacer and putting in a thinner one, as I would have hit the screws holding the guide board to the log (not good!!)

Here is the start of the cut. This little Makita chainsaw, with a nice sharp chain, cuts well.
I have to get a file and sharpen it, before it gets too dull!!

That cut took about a 90 seconds

Not bad, hard to see, but it is a fairly rough hewn cut

I think that will do

This log would fit through Big Blue with just the one side cut, so I attached a guide board to the log

Big Blue ready to make a cut with the edge guide attached

Big Blue earning his keep!

Another board cut!!

Even with the cyclone on, the dust collection on Big Blue is not the best.

Here is one of the larger logs, I cut it on 4 sides with the chainsaw to make it easier (and lighter) to put thru big blue.

The grain in the wood is unreal!
It looks like the tree had some bug damage at some time

I cut all of these board in about 1 1/2 hours

I painted the ends, but I need to sticker them

My buddy with the beach house will get these, they will have to dry out, but they should burn well next year in his fireplace.

Oh yeah, I've hardly made a dent in the pile of logs I have!!

OK, now we are getting into some medium sized logs
these bad boys are MAN sized, as in they weigh a lot more than me, 
and took just about every ounce of strength I had to flip them end for end to get them out of the woodlot and onto the van.
My poor old van is just about busted with this load!
My ball cap is about 26 cm from the tip of the bill to the back of the cap, or about 10 or 11 inches long.


Now do you want to see some thing that is even bigger...?

Now this is a big one, it is Sakura, the same as I got the other day, 
there is now way on this little blue planet that I'm going to be able to get this to the Dungeon in one piece,
so I'm going to buy myself a real chainsaw and build one of these.....

The pics and idea for this are taken from here

My chainsaw will not be that big, but the one I'm looking at will have a 2' bar on it.

I'm looking at this older Husky....

It is about $240 on auction right now.
The guy says it runs well, but it hard to start.
Model #185CD, it has a 2' bar on it, 85 cc motor, should hog through some logs.

Well, I got the saw, 26,000 yen, I hope it gets here soon!

I have to make up a jig to do the sawyering, and to do so, I need to get the welder out.
 I cannot do any welding with 4" of sawdust on the floor, so I had to clean up.....

three full 45 liter bags of dust.

OK, that is not a big stack, but I'll going to add to it for sure

this is the one medium sized log I have left in the Dungeon to cut up, the rest will be cut up on site.
that is about 36 cm across.

I got my chainsaw mill done, and the old Husky saw running right, and I sliced this log up....


Looks nice, some great grain in there!!!

Need to make a dust hood for the cyclone and the chainsaw mill....

OK, I made it to the wood lot.....FINALLY!!!

The logs are all stacked up and tangled up, I got the one out front there set up for slabbing.

Two cuts on that smaller log done

Three decent boards cut


Now, in the background there is an Akagashi (Japanese Evergreen Oak) up off the ground. I hope there is some good wood in that log.
Besides, I need to get rid of it to get at the stuff below it.

I cut off all the extra stuff that was in the way, and clean up so I have some space to work.

There is no way I can move this sucker, so I'm going to slab it in place.

That 2x8 is the guide board for the chainsaw mill to run on.

Just two screws hold it in place.

The first cut finished. This give me a flat surface to run the chainsaw mill on.

OK this is the second cut, the one on the right is from the Evergreen Oak.

I ran out of time, so I had to go...

Me and the Husky, sure worked well for me today!!!

Yep, I'll be back!!!

Boxing Day Specials!

As there is no "Boxing Day" in Japan, well not the cultural part, I made some specials for myself

I got some wedges to use, make the cut go smoother.
I also got a proper file guide and some files, as well as the correct depth gauge for the raker teeth,
this made a big difference, as the saw cut really well today.

My Boxing day haul of wood, some of it is highly figured, 
but there was some pith in the middle, so I ended up with some thin boards.

Loaded up ready to go.

The log used to go to the tree on the left side, not any more!

I'm done for now, there are no pieces that I can get to at the moment, 
I'll be busy at the L shop anyways, so I'll wait until next year.

I'll have to build a muffler for the saw as well, 
someone complained to the Demo foreman, 
said the old Husky running for 10 minutes at a time was too much,
I don't want the foreman to have any problems, so I'll mod the saw for a quiet muffler.


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