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The New 10" Jointer

I decided to move the jointer stuff here to a new page, as I can see this will be a bit of a long term project, and I don't want to see it get lost in the shuffle.

I won this jointer on Yahoo auction.

I paid 51,000 yen for it plus 10,000 yen for shipping, all around $610 US.

The motor is 3-phase 1.5 Kw, so it should do OK

Funny thing, when the shipping company depot guy called, I asked him about delivery to my house,
he said it was too heavy and I'd have to pick it up!!

I went by late on Sunday night, as I had the time, and the traffic would be really light,

The pallet the guy put under it would not allow it to be loaded by forklift, and my trailer would only take a forklift load from the rear, so we put it on from the cart to the trailer by hand, I lifted one end and three Japanese guys lifted the other end.

I strapped it down good, one strap from each leg going to the front and back of the trailer to
 keep it from siding to the front or back, and two straps over the top to keep it from tipping. 

It worked well, except for the snow, but that was not sticking,
 and so I got home without any problems.

Parked above the Dungeon Hatch, ready to be taken apart and lowered into the Dungeon.

here is a shot of the out feed table from underneath. 

Infeed table underneath shot

The legs will come off for sure!!!

in fact the legs look like regular steel, not cast, so I could do some welding on them, I'm thinking of welding a steel cart to the bottom, kind of cantilevered so I can save some height under my work bench.

here is the front bearing mount

The knife opening, the two edges nearest the knifes look like a different kind of steel


More shots at different angles

The back side of the fence, the round brass thing in the middle of the picture is a grease cap for the bearing, this is the only thing I've found with a mark on it...

it looks like a crown in a chrysanthemum flower outline

The belt guard on the back does not look stock, it looks like it was added later

The one thing that really worried me was the knives, if they needed replacing could I get any?

It is a two knife set up, the knives themselves are huge thick chunks of steel

There is about 3/4" of carbide left on the knives, so I'm sure they will last a long time.

They look in good shape, I think I can scary sharp them to a fine finish.

I'm not sure, but I think if I remove these bolts holding the bed adjuster, the hand wheels from the base, I should be able to slide the beds right off.

You can see that the blade guard was just sort of added later..

On down to the Dungeon!!

I got all my work done early enough today at the shop to be able to play hooky for a few hours....

Getting ready to take off from the tailer

Lift off!!

Got the wheels on there to roll it around

Touch down!!

The out-feed table on the way down to the Dungeon!!

Without the two beds, the motor and the fence, the base could be lifted by the electric hoist.
I rolled it onto the hatch, lifted it up and the opened the door.

OK, OK, I forgot to move the garbage cans....


Here are a bunch of pics of the fence, someone asked for more pics of the fence, so here you are!

fence_back_level.jpg (69194 bytes)
Behind the in-feed table
fence_front_view.jpg (39054 bytes)
View from the in-feed table
fence_guide_rail.jpg (47189 bytes)
Fence guide rail
fence_infeed_back.jpg (69471 bytes)
view from the out-feed side
fence_tilted_up.jpg (70952 bytes)
Fence undone, laying face
 down on the table top
fence_top_view.JPG (53971 bytes)
View from the top

OK, now I got to put it all back together....