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The New Workshop!

Well I am finally in my new workshop, I have tons of work to do yet, I have a water seepage problem, and have yet to lay down a floor or build a workbench, but I'm in the new shop, I have already done some mods, and have to do some more.

I've hung two light temporarily, as I have not electricity in the shop, I'm fighting with the local power utility who only want to give me 30 Amps ands 100 volts! How am I going to run a shop on that? They are making me submit a formal request with all of the tools, maker, model and specs to show I need the power! Bunch of pencil necked geeks!

Here are some pictures.

This is a view of the old 4 piece heavy concrete and steel hatches, my back hurts even looking at them :)

This is the entrance to my shop. There was 4 thick, heavy hatches there to start with, but they were just too heavy. I made an aluminum hatch, it is one piece hinged in the middle, well about 2/5 stays put and 3/5 opens.

The new hatch is much easier to open, it would not stand a car parked on it, but around this hatch, a 12' x 12' area, will soon be enclosed with walls to make a garage for my motor bikes. The cord going down is the source of power in the shop at the moment.

The stairs are almost a ladder I guess, steep, but after a time or two up and down it is OK. I made them out of 2 x 6's, I cut dados for the treads to fit into, turned out good and solid, just the way stairs should be.

Here is a view from the shop. Yes they are steep stairs, but so much nicer than the ladder they replace.

The view of the shop from the South West corner.

View of the shop from the South East corner. At my feet is the drain area.

View from the North East corner.

From the North West corner, and you can see my escape hatch in the back wall. Beyond that is a storeroom, that will be used to store wine. When I asked for it the construction company asked "Why?" I replied "Ever hear of a thing called fire?" 

The new/used Hitachi 8" CMS. It is in good shape, I used it to make the stairs, what fun! I bought it at a recycle shop for about $150 US. It came with a 6 month warranty. May not be cheap in the USA, but for Japan it is a good deal.

in each corner of the shop I have these ready-made tool platforms. They are the very tips of the four long concrete pillars that go down 9 floors into the ground, helps when the earthquakes come. Three are this big, about a foot and a half by three feet.

This platform in the North West corner is the larges at about 3 feet square, I think the back corner would be a good spot for a compressor to stand, then I can use the front area of the platform.

Well thanks for stopping by, I'll get more up here as I get more done. Cheers!