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The Liquor Shop Renovation

We are doing a renovation at our liquor shop, the tobacco shelves behind the cash register counter are being changed, and we are rearranging things as well.
We needed a shelf unit over the area where the sinks are going, 
this will be used to house the various folders etc for all the bills and other paper work.

I wanted something quick and easy to make, so I just built your basic box, with adjustable shelves.

Like I said, nothing special.

The plywood is that lam-core stuff, with the Luan final layer. 
The last batch I got was kind of pinkish orange, not very nice to look at, IMHO.

This stuff is much nicer, and matches the beech I put on the edges of things nicely.
I was going to paint it, but when SWMBO got a look at it, she vetoed the idea, now it will get just a coat or three of Urethane.

The cut out in the back is to go around a bump in the wall.

Here we are with the first coat of water based varnish on the cabinet. Sure is nice stuff to work with, don't stink to high heaven, and easy to clean up.

This Luan lam-core plywood sucks, it is really prone to "pop" grain when it gets finished.

I sanded this piece once, and then wiped it with a wet cloth, let it dry, sanded it again, and put the finish on it, but I still have a ton of grain popping!!

While I was at the home center the other day, I picked up a few packs of these floor mats, 
they are supposed to be for kids to play on, but hey, I'm a big kid, right?

Man is it nice to stand on, stepping off it is like stepping into cold water!


Oh, you can see my new kerosene heater in the background.

A nice little heater that sure puts out the heat!!

Conditions in the Dungeon


You can see the old crappy cabs that I'm replacing above the guy with the blue hat.

Right behind him was a cabinet, that got removed., and the sinks are going there.

Here is the old location of the sinks, the old tobacco shelves were on the wall above the sinks.

Here you can see the sinks in their new spot, and on the wall to the left, they opened up, and are running the wires over to the short wall above the sinks.

It was funny watching these guys work, they all had fairly old tools, and stuff like this Makita circular saw, with the guard disabled.
No one wore safety glasses or hearing protection, and boots of any kind were also not seen.

OK the new shelves are installed, now it is time to load them up.

This is the view that you get as you step up to the counter

Another view

An outside view

The cab installed in the shop