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Roughing it


I got some new tools, proper tools, nice tools, and boy do they work, a P&N 13mm bowl gouge,
an Ashley Iles 10mm bowl gouge, and two P&N Scrapers, one 18mm and 13mm each.

I have the great DVD by Bill Grumbine, well worth the money!

Here is the first blank, it is just over 20 cm wide and about 5 cm thick.

Starting to get the bottom shaped

Getting even more like the bottom of a bowl.

Got the tenon done and now I'm ready to put it on the chuck

OK, chucked up, got to flatten the face.

The bowl is about 20 cm across, so they say 10% for the wall thickness, thus I made them just a touch over 20 cm.

That is the nice long beefy P&N 13mm bowl gouge, man is that a nice tool!

This is some Red Keyaki

A shot from the side/back

Now I have to seal it up, and set it aside for a while

The bottom

Sealer applied, I use a mix of 1 part white glue and 2 parts water, as I cannot get AnchorSeal here.

Here is the next blank, but it has a HUGE crack in it, as I did not know what I was doing when I cut this blank.

That pith is the source of most cracks

OK, now I've cut it down to size.

Got it on the lathe, and I shaped the bottom of the bowl.

Chucked up and roughed out on the inside.

Another view (love that stack of shavings!!)

The bottom, it is not that smooth, but as it is a rough out, don't matter.

The inside, I used the scraper just for fun, and practice, and boy did it work well!

An hour or so of work


Sure does make a mess!

 Two More!

One log, two blanks, two rough outs.

These are both Sakura, some really nice figure and stuff going on.

The trees were bug infested and were dying from the bottom up, 
In this pic, the one on the right, on the lower corner, has some punky wood, that I'm going to have to hit with some CA glue.

Both of them are about 17 cm across. (6 3/4").


 The Survivor!

I had this ugly chunk of wood here, it was destined for the burn pile, but I thought I'd try to get something out of it.

Bug infested, worm holes, punky wood, just a mess, but I figured it might be worth the trouble.

Here I've cut most of the crap off the bottom and I've made the tenon.

Another shot, the grain and pattern in this wood is very nice

OK, all chucked up ready to go

Another shot, just took a big of a cut, and noticed it was time to do some other work.

OK, here is the roughed piece, the grain and coloring is very unique.

There are a couple of spots that are still a bit punky, but I'll see what I can do with it

Neat looking wood

Sure glad I saved this one from the burn pile!

I broke down today and bought a pint of medical Ethanol, 
cost me $6 at a discount drug store.
When done soaking, I'll wrap it up and I hope it's good to go in a week.

All wrapped up, now I have to wait a few weeks.


The next donors!

Starting another blank, this one is Blue Keyaki, and at just under 23cm, 
was a lot for the C-man lathe, as it was bucking and flexing to beat all get out, but I got it done!

The Blue Keyaki roughed out

A bit of a deep plate really, but the blank was not very thick.

Next was this piece of Red Keyaki, it is the biggest I've yet to turn at 24 cm (9 1/2")

Some VERY wild grain in this piece

Even a knot to make it more fun!

More Roughing out, this time on the New (to me) DVR 3000