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The Tokyo Log Hog Mark II

OK, if you have been reading along on the first page of the Chain Saw Mill  page and the Woodlot page, 
then you know that I got told that someone complained about the big old Husky saw 
running for a long time. I guess I can see their point, as this is the middle of Tokyo, 
not some woods area. I'm at the woodlot on the my goodwill with the foreman of the Demo
company, if me being there becomes a problem for him, I'm sure he will ask me to not be there.

I do not want that to happen, so I decided to quiet down the chainsaw, 
to do this I dug around and I found two old 2-smoke bike mufflers. 

One is off my RMX, it is lighter weight, but is noisier, I did repack it just for this use. 


The second one is a stock muffler from a Honda CRM250. I'll call this one the Black Hole, as it is black, heavy, and has a lot of sound deadening to it.

I did not want to butcher the original muffler, so I built a new muffler box.

Here is the space I'm working with (I know, the saw is dirty)

I used a piece of tubing and a thick piece of steel that will tighten against the exhaust port.

Here it is welded up, I'm test fitting it.

Here the muffler box is all welded up, with the stub in place.

I'll use this stub to attach the muffler to the saw.

I bought this rubber muffler joint at the bike shop, this will make a good seal,
dampen some of the vibrations.

Just to give you an idea, this is what it will look like. 

How does it work?


Well, I fired the saw up for about 30 seconds, and it was a lot quieter, 
in fact the intake is now the loud part!

I ran out of time today, I'll get back into the dungeon in the morning and hopefully get it all done.
I think it will be quiet, and that is good, I hope it will not be down on power, 
I'll have to warm the saw up and then tune it to get the best power out of it.


I got my carb parts, so I have to rebuild the carb as well.


Wish me luck!

OK the muffler retrofit is done, and the carb is rebuilt, and all systems are a go!!

I decided to use the "Black Hole" muffler, as it was a lot quieter than the RMX Muffler.

Here is the view from the bar end, the muffler is fairly secure in the muffler box, but I put a support on it just to be safe.

I also finally put a handle on the milling frame, this will make it a lot easier to use

Here is the backside view, don't laugh at my bailing wire clamp, 
I've got a big hose clamp here somewhere, I just cannot lay my hands on it right now.

The Carb Rebuild

All went well with the carb rebuild, the saw sure seems to run a lot better now.

When I plucked out the smaller welsh plug, I found this ball of fuzz under the plug,........

There is a small screen in the bottom of that hole, I don't know how the fuzz got there, 
but it looks like wood fiber and even flecks of paint.

It is all gone now, and the saw seems to be running well, tomorrow I head to the wood lot to try the new and improved set up.

If you have seen the Logging in Tokyo page, you will have seen that the Tokyo Log Hog, 
 is working well, but the "Black Hole" muffler was too restrictive, ran hot, and made the saw hard to start.
I decided to put the lighter RMX aluminum muffler on there, it is a bit louder, but not that much.

I put a stay, or bracket on it so it would not move around.

The stay uses the bottom two bolts from the stock muffler.

Yet another view. This is also good, as the muffler and the chainsaw mill are not connected,
I can remove the mill, but leave the muffler on the saw.


I'll show you how I do the whole Log Hog thing.

I use a 2x8 for a guide board, I put two screws into the log, this has worked rather well.

I have two sets of blocks, one at 7 cm, this one I use to set the first cut, 
the screws that hold the guide board in place are 6 cm long, so the 7 cm setting gives me a little space.

I also have a set of blocks that are 5.5 cm, this I use for the slabbing up of the logs.

Don't forget to fill the gas and oil. I can get about 4 cuts before I have to refill the gas.
The saw is running very well now.

The first cut is done, now I adjust the mill to 5.5 cm and start slabbing away!!

The fruits of the Log Hog's labor.

With the RMX muffler on there, the saw starts right up, when warm, one to two pulls and it is going.

In the morning, with half choke on, the saw starts on 4 to 5 pulls.

OK, now I need to paint the Tokyo Log Hog!! 

The original Video of the Tokyo Log Hog Mk II in Action,
and the one made by my Buddy Vaughn McMillan Video