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Tenjinsama Shrine Tree Tour

I went by my local Shinto shrine to drop off some bags of sawdust,
the priest there composts all the leaves and such, and he like to get my sawdust,
as it adds some variety to his compost. While there he told me that he had a tree taken down, 
and did I want the wood? The tree was a Shii tree, which is called Japanese Chinquapin in English. 
It is related to Oak and Beech. The tree was in poor health, thus the wood will be good for making bowls on the lathe.

Here is the pile of wood, and the stump to the right.

You can see the ends, I guess there is some rot there, but I hope to be able to get some good bowl blanks out of it.

Another view, I think there is a lot of waste here, but at least that waste will burn well.

The stump, you can see the rot in the middle.



Just to give you an idea of how close this place is to my house.

While I was at the shrine, I did a bit of a walk around, 
and I notice the most of the trees have signs on them the give the type of tree.
This is very interesting to me, as I know little about Japanese trees.

Eno Tree (Chinese Hackberry)

Eno tree Foliage.

Hino Tree
(Also called False Cypress)

Hino tree foliage.

This is a Plum tree, it is over 100 years old

The trunk of the tree is split and burned as well, this tree has been through a lot I guess.

Another very old tree, very twisted, this is a cherry tree.

Ichou tree
This is called a "Ginko" tree in English, it is often referred to as a living fossil.
There are usually two trees, a male and a female, thought the female has fruit in the fall that,
well you will be wondering if you stepped in some dog do do.. 

Ichou trunk and leaves

This is a Keyaki, I think blue, but this one has weird warts all over it.

Same Keyaki for a few feet away

Mukunoki Tree

Mukunoki Foliage


Sudajii tree, looks very much like the Akagashi I cut down in my Tokyo logging adventure

Taisanboku Tree

Taisanboku leaves
This tree looks very tropical

Urinoki Tree

Urinoki Leaves 

This is the old Tea House on the grounds.

A view down the hill behind the Tea House

The main Shrine.

I very much like going to this Shrine, it is very peaceful, and the priests who run it (Husband and wife) are VERY nice people,
 and in the last 5 years or so, since taking the shrine over from her family, they have really cleaned the place up, got rid of a lot of clutter, and are spending money on taking care of the trees.
These pics were taken in the rain on a very bright day.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!