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Wood Lot winding Down

February 9th 

So the wood lot is winding down, I'm down to my last set of logs, but man, what a set! 


This log is Keiyaki, one of the "Red" ones, it is about 60 cm at this end

Some more logs and the Tokyo Log Hog

This is the other end, that is one big crotch!

Another view

The log closest is also Keiyaki, but a "Blue" the other two are Red ones, the one in the middle has a really neat "bump" on it.

Here is the crotch on the Blue Keiyaki, and notice the burl on the top one!!



Here you can see the tip of the saw buried, and no kick back at all.

Squared up read to make boards!

Five boards, all nice Keiyaki

Not much wood, but I did some preparation for the next day!

This is the last Keiyaki standing, it is rotten in the middle, so I'll not bother,
nice day eh?


February 10th 

OK, I went back to the wood lot, to slice up the really big log.........

The Tokyo Log hog is ready to go!

I tried to cut the sides of the log, but I had some troubles.

It turns out that my chain was not right, and I had the saw pulling to the right all the time.
It was really frustrating!

I did not want to dip the saw into the dirt, so I did not cut all the way through.
I cannot lift this log.

I did not realize the saw was pulling so badly, this really sucks!

I need to put a new chain on the Husky, I had trouble with the saw before, 
but I did not realize the pulling was due to the poor state the chain was in, my fault!

I packed it in and called it a day, I'll be back on Monday, with a new chain, sharpened correctly, and get it done!

Moe to cut, LOTS more!!

Yep, all mine, if I can get it all done!

Some more stuff to look at!

Look at this burl, it has a piece of corrugated steel in it!
I don not know if I can use this or not!

This crotch is REALLY big......

Blanks and burls!

Burly or what?

Could look nice inside!

Future Bowls!

Bowl blanks and burls

Should be able to get some good practice in with this.



This wood is called Mokoku, I don't know if it will be of value, but the red/orange color is sure cool!


Feb 13th


Well, I got my saws good and sharp, and modded the mill a bit, and was set to go on Monday morning.


What a great day!

I got around to squaring up that big log, then I sliced it up...

Not bad for one log!

Yep, a lot of wood there

Some imperfections, but I think they make the wood look good

The grain in this Keiyaki is just wild!

Not bad

OK, on to the Blue Keiyaki

This is just under halfway through the blue Keiyaki

A close up

The boards I got out of the Blue Keiyaki so far

As you can see, I can get another 4 or so boards out of what is left

Wood from two more logs cut up


My poor little truck!

Even got all the tools into the truck

This is what awaits me tomorrow morning

Thankfully I only have to drive about 400 meter to get home!