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Hollowing Rig

I decided to get into some hollow forms (HF) as they look great and seem like another fun thing to do.

The type of rig I made is what is called a "Captured D-handle" rig.

OK, I put a lot of thought into this, before I built it, but start to finish was about 4 hours, not counting a coffee break or two

I decided to make this up today, as I had all of the welding stuff out, and the Dungeon was a mess anyways so why not just make a bigger mess, and get this done!!

hf_turning_rod.jpg (77811 bytes)
I started out turning down one end of the solid piece of steel rod so it would fit inside the pipe that I'm going to make the D-handle out of. This took some time, and my scraper needed a lot of resharpening, but I got it done.....

hf_turned_rod1.jpg (49261 bytes)
Not bad for a wood lathe, I think!

hf_turned_rod2.jpg (49197 bytes)
Fits just right

hf_turned_rod3.jpg (48929 bytes)
There is even a bit of a shoulder for it to stop at.

Now onto the "D" handle....

hf_d_handle.jpg (54990 bytes)
I cut the pipe at 45s and then welded it up, worked well, I added a few nuts with Allen bolts to hold the tool insert, and then I ground the D-handle smooth.

I then built the tip of the tool, not much there but a bit of grinding, then filing, drill a hole and tap it, and I have a tool tip.

hf_tool_tip.jpg (61839 bytes)
I cut up an old circular saw blade that Mark Rios sent me (thanks again Mark!) and it works OK, but the steel is a bit on the thin side, I need to find something that is more like at least an 1/8" thick, if not more, and is for sure HSS, dunno if the saw blade was...

The capture part was next, this was fairly simple, I was working hard to get it done, so I did not take any "In progress pics" (I know, I know) as the cell camera and hot steel and sparks to do with welding don't really mix either (nor do my dirty hands all over the cell phone).

All you get is the finished product...............

hf_finished1.jpg (82187 bytes)
A head stock view

hf_finished2.jpg (82095 bytes)
from the other end

hf_captured_d_handle.jpg (72627 bytes)
here is the part that captures the D-handle, simple and works like a trick!

I chucked up one of the ROCK hard Keyaki blanks, this stuff is seriously hard, I DNAed it on July 28th 2006 (the wrapper said) so it was seriously dry and when so, it is seriously hard!!

The rig worked fine, the only thing is the tool tip dulled in about 1 minute of scraping!

Some more work done on the rig.....

1hf_cr_rod_chuck.jpg (64737 bytes)
Here is another piece of rod in the lathe ready to be turned down slightly so it will fit into the D-handle
You can see that the very inside of the chuck holds the rod at this end, and at the other end it is just a live center, but I mark the center of the rod and put a dimple there with a center punch.

2hf_cr_scraper.jpg (61501 bytes)
Now you could use a file to do the whole thing, I guess the idea of an angle grinder would work too, but really this is no big deal, the HSS scraper cuts fast enough. I keep the lathe speed down to about 300 rpm.
You might have noticed I took the jaws off the chuck, no need to have them knuckle bashers there if I don't need them

3hf_cr_rod_turned_end_lg.jpg (60227 bytes)
Here I've turned the end down to where I want it, (28mm) and I'm ready to reverse the rod, so I can do the last little bit that the chuck is holding onto

4hf_cr_start_tail_done.jpg (65786 bytes)
I reversed the rod and did the last 1/2" or so, you can do the whole thing out here on the tail stock, but I found I got a lot of vibration, and it is faster to do the majority of cutting close to the head stock and the chuck, then just the last little bit here at the tailstock end.

5hf_cr_good_fit1.jpg (64147 bytes)
Nice fit, not too tight, but it slides in really easy, and out!

6hf_cr_good_fit2.jpg (57755 bytes)
Slid in all the way, and locked down with two allen bolts. The allen bolts will be replaced with set screws when I get the chance to go buy some, I don't liket these bolts sticking out everywhere, but that is what I have right now, so I'll use them.

7hf_cr_drill_end_rod.jpg (81330 bytes)
I drilled the first hole at an angle on Kermit, to hold the 8mm diameter rod I'll be using for a cutter, and here I'm drilling the hole in the end of the rod to tap and take a bolt to hold the cutter in place.

8hf_cr_grinding_jig.jpg (78834 bytes)
I had a 6" or so long piece of rod kicking around, so I drilled a hole in the end to hold the cutter, and then drilled and tapped a hole in the side to put another bolt to hold the cutter, this way I have a grinding jig for the cutter.

9hf_cr_making_cuts.jpg (61121 bytes)

Well I guess it works, but, I have to say, this drill rod cutter still dulls fairly quickly.......Next step.....

1new_bits.jpg (67753 bytes)

These are HSS bits for a metal lathe, but they will work well for me here.
I've cut and shaped one cutter already.

2side_rig1.jpg (53221 bytes)
Here it is installed

3side_rig2.jpg (54141 bytes)
I started this bowl, then decided to try making it a hollowing

4side_rig_finger_check1.jpg (43001 bytes)
Yep, there is some hollow space in there!!

5kermit_is_good1.jpg (73471 bytes)
I needed to make a straight boring bar,
so I set Kermit up to do the drilling

6kermit_is_good2.jpg (81501 bytes)
Yep, Kermit works well!!

7boring_bar1.jpg (58271 bytes)
There is the straight boring bar

8boring_bar_depth_check.jpg (65357 bytes)
Yep, that one works too!!

9_1st_hf_i_c_light.jpg (66909 bytes)
I got started on another piece of wood, this one I'd try to make a real Hollow Form,
I make the opening quite large, as I wanted to see what was going on in there,
as you can see, things got quite thin!