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The Lesson Room Cabinets

OK, way back on page 5 I was doing the Summer Renovation. 
One aspect of this job that I did not get done was the cabinets along the West wall.

here you can see the wall with out even the countertop I've installed. 

To give you an idea of what I have in mind, I put this crude little drawing together......

On the bottom, behind the four doors on the left will be the English School books etc.
The drawers in the middle will be for various things. 
The garbage pull-out has to be fairly big to house two bins, burnable & non-burnable, the fridge is a small bar type.

The top row of cabinets will be for wine tasting stuff. The four middle doors will be glass panel doors.
I think I'll put some lighting under the top row to light up the counter top.

I'm making the doors and face frames out of 1/4 sawn Ash, nice stuff.

End grain shot of the Ash

Unfortunately the wood I'm getting is a fair bit thicker than the stock I need, so there is a fair bit of waste.

Here is the stock all cut to rough lengths, but thickness planed to the final size.

Here I'm trying to match up the various boards to get the best looking panels.

Here is a panel glue up, I've just wiped the excess glue off the panel, thus it is wet.

Another shot

With all the parts machined, (the router table worked GREAT!!) IM dry fitting the door here.
The stiles are still long, they have not been cut to length.

I'm pleased with how the corners fit!

Here are some of the finished doors waiting to be used.

I really need some more clamps, as I can only do a couple of doors at once, this is the last one of the four I just made!!

Now I have to build one more carcass and then get out the HVLP and spray everything!!

I finally got this one cabinet done, took long enough.....

I was having a real problem with the finish on the plywood
It is called Shina, and is VERY white, anything that I  tried, with the QS Ash, 
did not look good. In the end, I painted the cabinet and used a nice Shellac on the doors.

Now I have to make some more!