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The Cyclone Saga
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OK, I've been using the cyclone for a while now, and today, I really filled it up.

I needed to make some edge moldings for some box lids.
I used some 2x4s I had here, first slicing them up with Big Blue, then jointing two surfaces,
then using the thickness planer to get to get them to the size needed. 
I then cut a 2 cm by 2cm dado in these pieces, I could have just cut two saw kerfs, 
but I wanted to load the Cyclone up and see how it worked.
Finally I used the router table to round over one edge.

Here I am using the cutoff bin as an out feed table, sort of.

Here is the corner molding for the lids.

Here is the feather board setup for cutting this dado.

I'm making these drawers up that will go under our bed for storage, but they need lids.

Halfway through cutting the dados, I thought that I should check to see if the cyclone was full....
Was it ever!!

In fact you can see the dump of chips behind the bin,
 these were in the dust chute at the bottom of the cyclone.

And when I opened the filter stack clean out, I had one, yes ONE lone chip, and some very, VERY light dust!!

If I'd done a few more boards, I bet I would have filled my filter stack with chips, not a good idea,
so I put a window in the lid of the dust bin, I don't know if it will stay clean enough to see, but so far it has.


The cyclone fills one of these big bags, 90 liters, about 24 US Gallons, off to the local shrine for the compost!