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Time for Page Three!!

March 2004

I recently added some more storage to try and get rid of the mess of stuff I got piled around the shop. I got two of the units out of the garbage here, and one unit, the dresser, my buddy Jim gave me as it was not up to snuff for his new digs (thanks Jim!)


There is the dresser on the left and the other unit I got out of the garbage


This unit, in the middle of the pic, I also got out of the garbage, the bottom door hinge was busted, it took me about 5 minutes to fix it. The marks on the doors are from tape the person put on the unit when they tossed it to keep the doors from opening, I guess. It is that paper coated veneer stuff that "looks" like wood..

Here it is open, plenty of room to store my power tools, keeps the dust off them too!
I know I could build better stuff, but it takes time, which I don't have, and money, which I would rather spend on other stuff :)


A look around the shop, this is the North East corner


And the North West corner, that is the only corner I have not had time to sort all 
the stuff out and put it into the new storage cabinets, when I get an hour or two...


The South East corner, that is the body work for my VTR1000F hanging from the ceiling, 
I don't have space for it in the bike garage while I put a new engine into the bike.


The South West corner, everything I need, a fridge and lots of wood!!


Just a South look...


I made the TS cabinet and the workbench/work-table one unit.


I then spent some time leveling it all and shimming the TS so it is just about 1/16th or 1/32nd 
of an inch above the table top. The TS is only 5 cm away from the table and this makes 
out-feeding wood off the TS much nicer, I should have done this a long time ago!! 


I want to make a blade guard that extends down from the ceiling, I'm looking for ideas...


Here is my "Comfy Chair" that I got out of the garbage, I sit here and think about what I'm going to do next....


...or indulge in an adult beverage and a fine cigar...once the sawdust has stopped flying for the day, of course!!

July 2004

I took the kids to stay with their grandparents in Canada for the summer, so we have a little bit more free time.

I finally got around to finishing the TV stand I started about a year ago!!

Rather basic but it does the job

I think I did not use the flash in the above pic, that is why it looks better. 
This is it's true color.
The two shelves slide out all the way on rails

All open and ready to be filled with videos and PlayStation stuff.