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Stu's Dungeon

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Welcome to my workshop!

I have a space in the basement of our building, it is only accessible through a
 4 foot square hatch from the 1st floor parking area of my building, 
thus I call this workshop "The Dungeon".
 Oh yeah, I live in Tokyo Japan and run a liquor shop :)

  The Phoenix Bandsaw Phoenix Page 2
The Beginning 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Jointer/Planer DC Keller Jig Big Blue Resawing 
Compressor LV Honing Guide
DC Ducting 911 SCMS Enclosure 
Cutting Sheet Goods/Big Blue DC SCMS Fence Treasure
Jointer1   Jointer2   Router Table1   Router Table 2  
The Doors
   Give Me A Brake   Drill Press Power Strop
   Cyclone 2   Cyclone 3   Cyclone 4  
  Liquor Shop Reno  Beer Shelves   Wine Shelves Lesson Room Cabs

  DoPa 2007 Do Pa

Demo by Jean Francious Escoulen
Eli Avisera Demo Day One
Eli Avisera Day Two  

 New Lathe Stand!! Turning Sharpening Roughing It 

 Logging In Tokyo
  Woodlot Woodlot 2006   Woodlot 3 Woodlot 4  
Chainsaw Mill Chainsaw Mill Mk II

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